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Q: What software/tablet do you use to make your art?
--A: My software of choice is Clip Studio Paint, and I use a WACOM Intuos Pro Large tablet.

Q: When will you be opening you commissions/waitlist again?
--A: Unfortunately I usually don't have a concrete schedule for this, because it really depends on how much interest I got in any previous opening. Sometimes the commissions I take will be bigger ones that take more time to complete, meaning more time between openings. 

Do you have the brushes you use in your art available somewhere?
--A: Yep! It's not super exciting, it's just a little square brush with similar settings to the default hard round in CSP, but you can find it
here! Other than that I usually just use a lot of the default brushes and the "perfect pencil" brush that is available on CSP's resource market.

Q: Are there things you won't/prefer not to draw?
--A: A list of subjects I accept for commissions can be found here!

Q: I'd like to commission you for something, but it doesn't quite fit any of the commission types listed on your website. Can I still do that?
--A: That depends! If it's a similar amount of work to a commission type I have listed, I might choose to take the commission and simply charge it to you as one of those types. But if it's something completely outside the types I have listed, or the subjects/types of art I usually like to draw, the answer is probably no.

Q: Can I use your art for icons/headers/phone backgrounds/etc?
--A: See the image use part of my Terms of Service for a longer answer on this, but in short - I don't mind most of my art being used for personal things (phone backgrounds, wallpapers, etc). Please do not repost my work or create RP accounts using art of my original characters or the characters belonging to any of my commissioners. My work is also unavailable for use in for-profit content or advertising. If you're unsure whether or not I'd be okay with you using my work in some way, please contact me first.

Q: Can I use the art I commissioned, or a character I adopted from you in a streamed tabletop game?
--A: Yes! Even if it's a for-profit game stream, this is one of few cases I don't mind my art being used for profit, because the character belongs to you and is simply a visual aid in a much larger project! Please just be sure to credit the art to me somewhere in the stream/video info! 

Q: Do you have a Patreon? If not, do you plan to make one in the future?
--A: For now it's not something I'm considering because curating extra content to make something like that worthwhile to patrons is a little more than I can handle at the moment. In the future I may look at expanding my Kofi page to have some extra content on it for supporters.

Q: Could I commission linework from you to color myself?
--A: Sure! If you'd like to commission one of my ink sketches to color yourself, I'd be happy to send over the PSD or CSP file for you to work with. Just be sure to credit me for the linework if you wind up using the results anywhere!

Q: How often do you make new adoptables?
--A: I try to have a batch of adoptables out every month, but sometimes my commission work takes priority. I usually release new adopts between the 15th-20th of a given month, unless a design idea hits me outside that timeframe.

Q: Can I commission you for a tattoo design?
--A: At present, I do not design art specifically for tattoos. It's not a skill I'm practiced or comfortable in. If you have a commissioned artwork from me that you'd like to give to a professional tattoo artist as inspiration for a proper piece of body art, that is 100% fine. 

Q: Can I repost your art if it's credited?
--A: I'd prefer if you give the original post a retweet/reblog instead. I avoid posting to certain media platforms BECAUSE it's so hard to keep my work properly credited there. 

Q: Can I use (x artwork/idea) in my personal tabletop campaign?

--A: I don't mind people taking inspiration from my characters, creatures, or worldbuilds. That said, I'd rather people NOT use my work directly unless it's a piece I've listed as free-to-use, since most of my work is made for specific clients or with a personal story/purpose in mind and I would like to avoid it being associated with someone else's projects or worldbuilds.


Have a question that isn't answered here or in the links provided?
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or message me on twitter or curiouscat @guttertongue to ask! 

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